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Who is Novationweb?

Novationweb is a team of creative and passionate people dedicated to your online success. 

We are a digital agency with an entrepreneurial mindset and we help entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups develop their online presence - from basic website creation to advanced SEO services and a wide range of marketing solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to support and guide entrepreneurs in building their online presence. We are committed to providing each client with an exceptional experience by delivering real and tangible results.
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We advocate transparency

Transparency is a very important part of our approach. It's the trust we have between us and our clients. We are not only a digital agency, we are a team of designers, developers and consultants who want to see your business succeed.
We're not just interested in designing a website, we're interested in building your brand. We don't just create websites, we build relationships and friendships, we make dreams come true and we do it together.

We are passionate

Passion is what drives us to create the best websites for our clients. We know how hard it is for business owners to get their business off the ground. We have the tools, skills and expertise to help you succeed. 

We understand what you need and we can make it happen. We are simply looking for people who see the value in what we do and know that the web is an important part of their business. We are passionate about our work because we know that your success is our success.

How was Novationweb born?

Novationweb was launched in March 2021 by Samuel Beaudoin and Steeve Harris, 2 long-time friends with extensive experience in large corporations. 

They were committed to creating their own digital agency where they could help other entrepreneurs and small business owners develop their online presence with one thing in mind: innovation and results. 

Then other team members joined their vision. Creative minds dedicated to the success of each business, talented designers, motivated developers and experienced marketers looking for new challenges.
A propos de Novation WebA propos de Novation WebA propos de Novation WebA propos de Novation Web
Charles Thibault
Cleanup Lavage de vitres
Wow! Thank you for the great job you did for my business! I loved your service, everything was done in a more than reasonable time! I was assisted from start to finish. You targeted and met my needs perfectly!
Novationweb gave us a great service for the design of our company's website. The process was simple and very efficient! They are very focused on listening to their clients. Thank you so much!

Ready to accelerate your business growth with proven strategies?

One of the most important aspects of any successful business is to have a strong online presence. It's not just about having an attractive website, there must also be an effective marketing strategy that will help you maximize your sales.

Let Novationweb's team help you attract new customers and generate more sales for your business. We provide everything from website design to social media management to custom web development.

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Novationweb is a digital agency focused on innovation and results. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and guide them in the implementation of their online presence. 
Your project is our passion and each project allows us to contribute to the development and encouragement of local businesses.
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