Équipement DCE is a multi-service company that is primarily geared towards industrial fields such as auto mechanics and construction. 

They operate mostly online and offer worker apparel, safety equipment and tools of all kinds. Their mission is to provide high quality products and services to professionals in all sectors. 
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Équipement DCE
Novationweb is a quality web company that listens to its clients' needs. I asked for a complicated project and they found an affordable and professional solution. If I had to give a grade, I would say 25 out of 10!
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The challenge

The main objective for DCE Equipment was to design a new online store to sell various products through different collaborators and based on affiliation.

The challenge was to be able to connect the suppliers' inventory with the store so that the products were displayed and updated in real time. Customers needed to be able to purchase directly through the store using secure payment solutions. 

The client also needed the store to be optimized for sales and wanted to be able to communicate and promote their products to their potential customers through email marketing.

The solution

Novationweb accepted the challenge with enthusiasm. We first designed a simple visual identity strategy at the client's request. We then worked as a team to design a professional and conversion-optimized online store.

Our web developers then designed a program that connects the supplier's inventory with Équipment DCE's store so that everything is automated.  

We created the content of the pages to reflect the vision and values of the company and connected it all with an automated emailing system that reminds potential customers when they abandon their shopping cart. 
Equipement DCE

The result

Équipement DCE now has a modern, professional online store that is fully compatible with mobile devices. It is fast, optimized for SEO and strategically designed to increase sales in order to guide visitors from the first visit to the purchase. 
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