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Construction Georges Le Couvreur inc. is a certified roofing contractor and roofer located in Shawinigan. With over 15 years of experience as an expert roofer, Georges has built an excellent reputation for his strong work ethic. 

Their mission is to ensure that every customer never has to worry about their roof again. Georges Le Couvreur focuses on quality work while maintaining customer satisfaction at every step.
Construction Georges Le Couvreur
Georges Le Couvreur
Construction Georges Le Couvreur Inc.
Novationweb gave us a great service for the design of our company's website. The process was simple and very efficient! They are very focused on listening to their clients. Thank you so much!
Georges Le Couvreur

The challenge

Construction Georges Le Couvreur inc. was looking for a website to improve its online presence while respecting the company's visual identity. The challenge was to gather and standardize the services offered and to design a content strategy so that the website would be well referenced in search engines.

The main purpose of the website would be to allow the company to generate online leads and quotes through a custom contact form. 

Georges also wanted to improve his company's reputation, share his vision and values, explain his services in detail and strengthen the bond of trust with his potential clients before making contact.

The solution

Novationweb has facilitated the future development of Construction Georges Le Couvreur inc. by building a showcase website which perfectly reflects the company's values and vision.

We created the website with a focus on lead generation. Novationweb also wrote the texts by focusing on important keywords in order to optimize its search engine optimization.

To increase the confidence level of potential customers, we have posted the testimonials connected to Google My Business that automatically update when a new testimonial is posted on their Google page. 
Georges Le Couvreur

The result

Construction Georges Le Couvreur inc. now has a professional showcase website that respects the visual identity of the company. The website is fast, fully compatible with mobile devices and optimized for search engines. 

The website now allows the company to generate online contacts and quote requests, while informing potential clients of the services offered and the company's values.
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