Techniques Chasse et Pêche


For over 45 years, Techniques Chasse et Pêche offers an impressive inventory of hunting and fishing supplies. Their success is largely due to the employees and consultants who know their products and understand the needs of their customers because they too are passionate about hunting, fishing and the outdoors. 

Their mission is simple: offer a maximum of quality choices to their customers, with the best price guaranteed policy. With 2 stores in Gatineau and St-Hubert, their online store is an asset to their success.
Techniques Chasse et Pêche

The challenge

For Danyel Benoit, the owner of Techniques Chasse et Pêche, the main objective was to offer his clients the best possible online shopping experience while emphasizing a warm, friendly and courteous welcome.

The challenge was to redesign the website structure, product display and user experience in order to maximize statistics at all levels. 

We had to make it easy for the new user to find what they were looking for and offer them complementary products to meet their needs so that they could leave satisfied. 

The goal was to make the service as it would have been in the store.

The solution

The Novationweb team accepted this challenge with enthusiasm! We first established a long-term & multi-phase strategy to ensure the success of this project. 

We have redesigned the entire structure of the online store and established a complete and easy to understand menu for the user. This menu should include all the product categories and subcategories as well as the essential pages. 

Our developers then programmed the display of products according to the remaining quantity in inventory and the option to be notified by email when a product is out of stock. 

We made sure that everything was automated as much as possible according to the inventory system of the products in store. We continue to improve the store daily. 
Techniques Chasse et Pêche

The result

Techniques Chasse et Pêche now has a modern, professional online store that is fully compatible with mobile devices. The store is fast, optimized for SEO and strategically designed to guide visitors from first visit to purchase, while making the user experience a priority.
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The store before and after

The result of the redesign of Techniques Chasse et Pêche
Techniques Chasse et Pêche - Avant
Techniques Chasse et Pêche - Après

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