Visual identity strategy

Visual identity - the face and future of your company

Developing a visual identity is usually a very important step in a company. It defines how your customers (and future customers) perceive your brand, your products or your services.

No matter what industry you are in, your company needs a strong, powerful and simple visual identity. Contact us and let us create your visual identity and help you stand out from the competition!
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Stratégie identité visuelle

What is visual identity?

Visual identity is the sum of visual elements that come together to create an overall image of your company. A good visual identity evokes the personality of your company, the values and feelings it inspires. It is often expressed through a logo and other graphic elements such as colors, typography, images or any other visual element that represents the company. The term "visual identity" reflects the fact that your company represents more than its name, products or services; it is an entity with its own personality, with an image in the eyes of the public.

The steps to develop your visual identity

Stand out from the competition with a compelling brand image
Step 1

Analysis of your needs

The first step of your visual identity development project is to share your ideas with us in order to fully understand your objectives, your vision and the values of your company.
Step 2

Identifying your target market

In order to create a solid impact, we must first accurately identify your target audience. This allows you to tailor your content accordingly and customize your image to target their specific needs.
Step 3

Colors, typography and style guide

Once we know your exact target market, vision and goals, we work with you to define a standard of colors, typography and guidelines that will accurately reflect your brand's personality. 
Step 4

Design of your logo

Your logo is the most important part of your brand. This is where we will create a logo that represents your company and targets your target market in the best possible way.
Step 5

Stationery and visuals package

Once we have clearly defined your entire visual identity, we design everything you will need for the future of your business: mock-ups, business cards, invoices, brochures, packaging, visuals for social networks, etc.
Step 6

Website design

You now have everything you need for your business in terms of visual identity. If you wish, we can design your professional website that will perfectly reflect your company's image, vision and goals.
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Entrust the development of your visual identity to Novationweb

At Novationweb, we are a team of creative thinkers and passionate designers who combine a deep understanding of how visual identity can transform brands and businesses. We love the challenge of creating a new visual identity from scratch - or breathing new life into an underperforming brand image.

Let our team of experts develop a visual identity that perfectly reflects your company's personality.. We look forward to helping you build your online success, so contact us today for a free quote!
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