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Sell your products with your own online store

Are you looking for a web agency to create your online store, because you know that e-commerce is the future of retail? Many factors come into play in the creation of an effective online store.

Novationweb not only designs a visually appealing online store for you, we also implement a carefully planned sales strategy that will increase your sales and improve your return on investment. 
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An online store designed to increase your sales

At NovationWeb, we understand that as a business owner, if you want to sell your items in a way that maximizes your sales and facilitates transactions, you need a well-designed store. That's why we've spent a lot of time researching and analyzing the most popular and profitable online stores on the web. We've taken the best practices and built an effective sales system designed to increase your success.

Why choose Novationweb to create your online store?

An attractive online store that attracts prospects and converts them into customers
Boutique en ligne informations détaillées

Detailed information and sales funnel

A study showed that 64% of users start thinking about shipping costs on the product page, and 61% of users have abandoned orders because of the additional costs. Critical information like this should be placed under the product's buy button, where it is easily visible. NovationWeb designs your online store to guide your customer from first visit to purchase in the easiest and most efficient way possible.
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An ultra fast online store

The speed of your online store is a vital factor for your success. It directly influences your sales results, customer loyalty and search engine ranking. Research has shown that even a one-second delay equals a 7% reduction in sales. In fact, over 40% of visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. At Novationweb, we make sure that your online store is as fast as possible.
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An online store optimized for mobile devices

Since 2018, Google has changed the way it indexes websites. The focus on mobile devices means that the mobile version of your online store becomes the primary criteria for determining its ranking on Google. Novationweb makes sure that every page and image in your online store is optimized for mobile devices. 
Boutique en ligne référencement naturel

An online store optimized for Google

Search engine optimization is an important part of any successful business. At Novationweb, we make sure that your online store is found by your potential customers via search engines. We analyze the keywords that are most likely to rank you on the first page of Google, and then we structure each page to allow for better natural referencing.

A professional design that reflects your company

A professional design is the first thing people notice when they visit your online store. It is the image of your company and plays an important role in how potential customers perceive you. A professional design helps make a good first impression and create trust. Novationweb will highlight your strengths and make your business more attractive. A professional design will help reinforce your company's image and convince people to buy your products from your online store.
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How does Novationweb design your online store?

We have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the most effective techniques to increase sales

Research of the competition 

We research information on competitors in your field so you can stand out from the competition. You will then have a unique and customized store, according to your requirements and specifications.

Brand image design

We can design or redesign your brand image (visual identity, logo, colors, typography, etc.). An authentic brand image will allow you to stand out from your competitors. 

Keyword analysis

To bring a better visibility to your online store, we analyze the most searched queries by your potential customers on search engines in order to optimize the content and structure of the pages. 

User experience

The user experience is important for a smooth and fast navigation and to maximize sales. Novationweb ensures that your online store is well designed, both in terms of design and navigation.

Online payment solution

We can integrate payment solutions into your online store (Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc.). This will allow you to accept and process online payments in a secure and easy way.

Google Analytics integration

We integrate Google Analytics into your online store to track detailed statistics on visitor buying behavior. This allows you to get the most out of your website and maximize your results.

Email marketing

We integrate your online store with an emailing system to re-launch your potential customers when they abandon their shopping cart. This way you can maximize your sales and promote your products to your customers.

Facebook Chatbot

Novationweb can connect a bot from your Facebook page to your website to answer your future customers' questions in an automated way. This will save you time while maximizing your profits.

Training offered

At the end of the design of your online store, we will offer you a complete training in video conference to show you how to manage your pages, your products, your orders (etc.) in an autonomous way. 

The stages of designing an online store

We work strategically to ensure the quality of the final result
Step 1

Analysis of your needs

The first step of your web design project is to tell us your ideas, your goals and your values in order to bring you the best possible solution to the image of your company.
Step 2

Strategic plan

Once we know your needs, objectives and constraints, we develop a strategic plan for the best possible design of your website to maximize your results.
Step 3


Your branding is a very important step in the design of your website. If you have not already established it, we will determine your visual identity (logo, colors, typography, etc.)
Step 4

Design of the online store

By proceeding in small strategic steps, we develop your website taking into account that all aspects meet your needs and objectives as discussed.
Step 5

Final approval

Following the design of your website, we will present it to you so that you can validate with us if everything is appropriate. If so, we will make it available online. If not, we will apply corrections or modifications.
Step 6

Putting it online & referencing

Now that you are completely satisfied with your new website and that it meets your requirements, we will officially put it online and proceed with its referencing in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.
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Frequently asked questions about online store design

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What is the cost of designing my online store?

Novationweb's prices for an online store may vary. Of course, every website is different, and prices may vary depending on your requirements and specifications or if you already have elements such as your logo, images or pre-designed texts. We invite you to contact us to discuss your project and share your ideas. We can give you a free quote for the design of your online store.

How long does it take to create my online store?

Generally, we can create your online store within 1 to 3 months. It all depends on your requirements and your participation. During the design of your e-commerce store, we will communicate with you on a regular basis to get feedback, ask questions or share updates. Your response time should be taken into consideration.

Which platform do you use to create my online store?

Most of the time, we will recommend WordPress and WooCommerce to design your store. Unlike Shopify or other platforms like Wixx or Weebly, WordPress allows for more flexibility in terms of development (not to mention cost). This allows us to design any type of online store and customize it to your specifications. 

Will I be able to participate in the design of the website?

Of course you can! We will be happy to hear your ideas and contributions. For example, if you already have texts or images, this will allow us to speed up the creation process and you will be able to get your website faster!

Can I have my store in several languages?

Of course you can! Novation Web can design your online store in as many languages as you wish. Just let us know during our initial call so that we can plan for this feature. 

Entrust the design of your online store to Novationweb

We have researched and analyzed the best online stores in order to implement the best practices to increase the sales of your products. Increased speed, professional design and a strategy to maximize conversion rates are the key to an effective online store.

Let our team of experts create a captivating store for you and that is optimally designed to turn your visitors into loyal customers. We look forward to helping you build your online success, so contact us today for a free quote!
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Your project is our passion and each project allows us to contribute to the development and encouragement of local businesses.
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